Here are the listed services we can offer. Each one can be a separate element or we can put together a package for you.



Web design and development is our main focus. We can build WordPress and other custom sites. We offer a a monthly maintenance package. We can take care of your URL, and data storage for you as well.


We provide all levels of graphic design including poster, book, and logo design. We offer full branding packages. Our specialty is seamlessly integrating your graphic design onto your web design/ digital platform. We can also create engaging powerpoints and infographics.


Whether if its an extension of your website or a stand alone app, we can create a native app specifically for you. We can build you one with seamless design and UX that will be both iOS and Android friendly.


We have high-end digital photography and video equipment and offer all levels of photography services. We can do video and photo sessions for weddings, corporate events,  personal business and more.   We specialize in getting your photos and videos processed and onto your website and other digital platforms such as Youtube or Vimeo.


We offer consultation and training for most kinds of software related to the creative field as well as business applications. Jeff Ray is the technologist for where he has consulted in everything from using Salesforce to building an online education platform.


Before you even launch your project we can design a system for you using the latest in UX/UI design tools. We will make sure that we create a prototype that works across all platforms and is designed to work well.


We can help get your website and your business seen in the crowded online world. We can help you with your SEO as well as your online advertising. We can help set up and connect to your social media. We can keep your site active with newsletters and consistent SEO updates.


Led by Emmy winner and composer Kenseth Thibideau. We provide the most sound and music related services possible. Our specialty is offering music for your film, commercials and general corporate projects. We also do sound design, voice-overs,  and podcasts.  We currently expanded to doing sound for game platforms.